Spotify Vs SoundCloud: Which Is Best In September 2022

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Spotify Vs SoundCloud: Which Is Best In September 2022

We all know that Spotify and SoundCloud are one of the most popular music streaming platforms available. They both of their unique approach to delivering the work.

we have already written about YouTube Music vs. Spotify and today we are going to see the difference between them. We are going to see what music streaming means and what these platforms are.

As we can play one music streaming platform and choosing one from Spotify and SoundCloud is tough, that is why we have given a detailed competition between them on different aspects. Read this article and after reading it do let us know your feedback in the comments section. Let us get started.

What is streaming music?

Streaming music means playing music online. There was a time when we use to download music from different websites and play them when we needed them.

But, at that time we had to download them, because of which we had to compromise and listen to the songs that were available only, not the songs that we wanted to listen to.

Now, it is very easy and has one tap-to-go option. We can listen to as many songs as possible with the help of steaming platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify.

We can listen to any song available in this world, on these streaming platforms. This is the meaning of steaming music.

What is SoundCloud?


SoundCloud is a music streaming platform. It is often told as YouTube for audio because it does enable us to share home-recorded audio files.

This is a streaming platform AIIMS to promote musical creation in different forms. This is because musicians and singers can post and distribute their art on this platform.

There are many music artists podcasters and rappers who can be found on this streaming platform. It gives broad access to independent songs rather than the commercial songs online the other music streaming platforms.

You can create an artist profile or you can be registered as a listener by signing up to this music streaming platform. 

What is Spotify?


Let us now see what Spotify is. This music streaming platform was introduced with the concept of creating a music platform that can enable users to access all the songs in the world.

It was released on the 24th of June 2008 and from that time there are over 490 million users of this streaming platform of music.

Out of 490 million, there are 180 million users of Spotify who pay every month to get the premium membership of Spotify. It is possible to use the free version of the app or even you can subscribe to the premium which will avoid all the certain disadvantages that you get in the free version.

This streaming platform is available on diverse platforms, like Google Play Store Apple App store, and more. The Spotify application can be synchronized with many devices and then you can enjoy a music experience anywhere in this world.

SoundCloud or Spotify: What to choose?

spotify vs soundcloud

To choose Spotify or SoundCloud, we have done a detailed comparison between both of them in different terms of aspects. Read each of them one by one to understand more about Spotify and SoundCloud. 

Subscription plan

The subscription plan of Spotify starts at 9.99 dollars, in which you get the premium membership. A premium member gets free from ads.

Spotify does also provide a student discount of fifty percent, where they need to pay only 4.99 dollars per month for a subscription.

The couple plan of Spotify is 12.99 dollars, in which two people can get a subscription to premium Spotify. The family plan for Spotify costs 14.99 dollars, in which 6 members can get the benefits of Spotify premium.

The users who go for the premium membership of Spotify also get one month’s free trial of Spotify. When we talk about subscription plans of SoundCloud, then there are two different types of plans that it offers, first is SoundCloud Go which comes at 4.99 dollars and the other is SoundCloud Go+ which comes at 9.99 dollars.

There is also a free plan of SoundCloud which helps to listen to the content and upload records for a given duration. SoundCloud is more focused on building a free platform than on making money.

Content availability

By this time, Spotify has over 90 million songs and music altogether. These songs which we can play are usually from the mainstream music scenes, the ones which are very popular on the world level.

It does also have over 3 million podcasts, which you can listen to. There are audiobooks also available on Spotify. When we talk about SoundCloud, then it does have a lot of content, which is over 200 million songs and plays.

But, these songs available on SoundCloud are mainly uploaded by independent musicians. It depends upon you when we talk about content availability to choose. If you love to listen to popular or big-level music then Spotify is the platform for you.

On the other hand, if you want to listen to some local or independent music then SoundCloud is for you. Podcasts and audiobooks are available on Spotify.

There is no podcast or audiobook on SoundCloud. So, in my eyes, Spotify is the winner in terms and perspectives of content availability. 

Quality of Sound

The sound quality of the audio is becoming a very crucial aspect, as there are many devices available in the market, which are too good to go and catch the best sound quality. If you are one of the musical hours then high-quality sound is very important for you.

Spotify offers 5 different types of streaming quality of sound the highest of them being 320 kbps for the Spotify Premium member. On the other hand, when we talk about SoundCloud, then it offers 128 KBPS of streaming quality of sound in the free version, and SoundCloud go plus offers 320 kbps of sound quality.

If you stream music on Spotify at the free version then you will get the streaming quality at 160 kbps, which is better than the SoundCloud free version. Clearly when it comes to sound quality then we can say that Spotify is better than SoundCloud. 

Popularity of Apps

With this concern of popularity, Spotify APK is the biggest music streaming platform. It does have over 400 million monthly active users, of which there are 180 million plus premium active users of Spotify.

On the other hand, SoundCloud has over 80 million registered users and then there are 175 million monthly listeners. Among casual music listeners, Spotify is more popular among all casual music listeners.

If you are one of the people who love to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, then Spotify is more popular than SoundCloud. 

User interface

The user interface is the one, which makes big difference between them. The use user interface of Spotify is very basic and user-friendly.

There are three buttons available at the bottom of the application. It is very handy to use as it does only have three buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The first button is the home screen. On the home screen, we can see the list of songs and podcasts that we use to listen to. There is a settings button at the top right corner from where we can see our profile and change our username of ours. Then, the second button is the search button.

With the help of the search button, we can see our search history and it offers the songs and broadcast on the recommendation of our streaming history. After that, there is a library option where we can see our playlist and more. On the other hand, when we talk about SoundCloud, then there are four buttons available at the bottom.

The first button is the home button which shows different genres of the songs and also the playing song. There is also a notification button at the top right corner and an arrow button.

Clicking on the arrow button helps in uploading any song you are of the artist, who wants to promote their songs. After that, there is a flash button, where you can find the list of artists you can follow and see their songs of them. You can find the artist in terms of different genres also.

After that, there is a search button from which you can find artists, songs, playlists, and more. Then there is a library button where you can find your liked tracks, playlists, albums, your following list, stations, your insights, and more.

There you will find the recently played songs also. At the top right corner, there is a profile section, from where you can change your profile name and more.

These are different aspects on which we have differentiated between SoundCloud and Spotify. We have compared them on a different basis. And, now you can choose any one of the two, based on the things that you like most.

Pros and cons 

Let us now discuss the pros as well as cons of Spotify and SoundCloud. We have given the pros and cons of each of them one by one.

Pros of Spotify

  • A good amount of music
  • Great sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Podcasts and audiobooks are available
  • Great theme

Cons of Spotify

  • High in price
  • Promote big music houses not small ones

Pros of SoundCloud

  • A large amount of content
  • Popularity among small artists
  • Less in price
  • Allow uploading music and song just like on YouTube
  • Free to access available

Cons of SoundCloud 

  • A large number of buttons
  • User interface

These are the pros as well as cons of Spotify and SoundCloud. Based on these also, you can choose one accordingly.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here below, we have given different questions which have been raised by people about these two music streaming platforms. Read each of them one by one. 

Which is more popular among new musicians?

On the global level, Spotify is more popular. But, when it comes to artists, then SoundCloud is more popular among them, as it offers more options to them like uploading music and more. 

What are the things that we can do in free SoundCloud?

We do have 200 million songs in the free version too. We can upload our songs, there are no restrictions. 

What is the best plan for Spotify?

Spotify comes with different plans. But, in our concern, the best plan is the family premium plan on which you can have access to premium Spotify for six different people at the rate of only 15.99 dollars per month. 

Which of these two offers a couple of plans?

Among these two, Spotify offers a couple of plans for premium membership. It costs 12.99 dollars per month.

Can we post songs on Spotify, like SoundCloud?

Yes, we can do so. But, Spotify does not recommend other people your songs. You need to be more popular to run over Spotify. On the other hand, on SoundCloud, a new musician gets more popularity in comparison to Spotify. 

Can we earn money from SoundCloud?

Yes, if you are an artist and upload songs and your songs are being played on it, then SoundCloud gives commission to you by the number of ads running between your songs. 

Can we save the favorite list on Spotify?

Yes, we can do so. To do that, you need to press the heart button, when you are listening to any song or podcast. It will turn green.

These are the different questions that have been raised by people about these two music streaming platforms.

Last words

In this article, we have read about music streaming platforms Spotify and SoundCloud. Then, we have given the different aspects on which the comparison between Spotify and SoundCloud has been done.

After that, we have given the pros and cons of Spotify and SoundCloud. Then we have discussed some of the questions regarding this article that have been rest by people around this world.

If you do have questions or queries related to this article, do let us know in the comments section given at the bottom of this article. Thank you for reading this article.

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