Spotify Vs Apple Music: Which Music App Is Best in August 2022

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Spotify Vs Apple Music: Which Music App Is Best in August 2022

Spotify Vs Apple Music – Music has been a way by which we get entertained and express ourselves. People say that the choice of music is what makes a person.

Since the internet came people have always played music by downloading it to their smartphones. After some time a revolution when streaming became popular.

And when it comes to the best music string services then Spotify and Apple music are the one that comes to our mind. Music has been a reliever from the very beginning.

We always love to listen to music and sing songs. There are a lot of people who love to play songs and some of them also want to make their songs for other people.

These streaming platforms help them. In this article, we are going to see and focus on Apple Music and Spotify. We will also see what a streaming service is. Then we will compare both the streaming platform. Let us get started.

What is a music streaming platform?

Music streaming is a platform where we can stream music just like we stream a video on YouTube or Netflix. Streaming means playing online with the help of the internet.

There are different platforms available now on which we can stream music or video. Here, in this article, we are talking about music streaming.

What is Apple music?

It was launched in 2015, by Apple. It is a music streaming platform for iOS devices only. It is not available for Android users. It is available in 168 countries now. And there are about 100 million active monthly users of apple music.

What is Spotify music?

Spotify is a music streaming platform where we can stream music. It was launched in 2008, in Europe. And now it is available globally in 184 countries.

It does have a user base of 410 million who are active monthly. In these, there are 185 million people who pay for the premium membership of Spotify. Spotify is available for iOS users too.

Spotify vs apple music: which is best?

spotify vs apple music

As we know that Spotify is available for iOS devices also. We need to come between them and see which one is the best.

Here we have compared Apple Music and Spotify music based on different aspects. Read each of the ones by one.

Subscription plan

When we talk about Apple music then it does not run any ads on it and you have to pay to get a subscription. On the other hand on Spotify, you can listen to your favorite music absolutely for free without paying anything and with the ads.

spotify plans

There is a subscription plan for each of them, and it goes like this. Apple music monthly subscription plan for 9.99 dollars. The same goes for Spotify music, which is 9.99 dollars.

For students, both apple music and Spotify provides a discount of about fifty percent and a student can get a monthly subscription for 4.99 dollars.

If you are looking for a yearly plan, then you can pay about 8.33 dollars for one month, as it costs 99.99 dollars for a year, if you are not a student.

Apple Music plans

For both, there are family plans with up to six members account. Apple charges about 14.99 dollars, but on the other hand, Spotify charges 15.99 dollars for one month.

If you do have an iOS Apple device, then you can go with Apple One Account in which you get Apple TV plus, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, and more pricing at 14.95 dollars. 

Spotify as well as Apple music provides a free trial of one month if you wish to get the subscription plan of any one of them.

If you are not getting the subscription plan, then you will not enjoy the great quality of sound, and music, and will see a lot of ads and more. When it comes to pricing both are the same.

User interface

The user interface for both Spotify and apple music is different. As we know apple music is designed for iOS devices and Spotify for both iOS and Android devices.

The design of Spotify has been almost copied by apple music as it does look like Spotify in a lot of ways. But, Spotify has the best user interface.

The Spotify app is very clean and smooth with better-organized things. The home page on Spotify gives you your recent playlist, songs, and podcasts.

That helps to play music instantly. There are three buttons available at the bottom. One shows the home screen, the second the search button, and the third your library. J

ust above it, it will show the music, and podcasts that you are running or paused when last time you were using Spotify. 

When we talk about Apple music, then the design is almost the same as that of Spotify. There are five things available at the bottom of Apple music, listen now, browse, radio, library showing your list, and search.

There is a large colorful artwork that makes Apple’s design aesthetic. 

Social media

Let us now talk about the social media value of these music streaming platforms, which includes how can we share these on social media.

On Apple music, we can share the playlist with only other registered users over AirDrop. The other thing that we can do is create a content link to post the song or playlist wherever we want to share.

The social media intelligence is very basic on Apple music. If you like to share music with your friends and other people on social media then Apple music is not a good option.

When we talk about Spotify then we all know that it is the cleanest and easiest music-playing application. On Spotify, we can share the music or playlist on Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and Facebook posts.

Also, we can share music on WhatsApp status as a link. There are QR-like Spotify quotes with the help of which we can share music and playlist on any messaging platform.

We can post album art on Snapchat with the help of which we can share songs with our friends and followers on Snapchat.

When it comes to social media then Spotify is the one that wins. 

Music library

There are massive libraries available on these music streaming platforms. Apple says that it has over 90 million songs. And Spotify says it has over 70 million songs.

Spotify also includes around 2.6 million podcast titles. You should know that Apple runs the podcast entirely separately podcast service.

Apple focuses only on music but Spotify focuses on music as well as a podcast. And that is why the number of songs on Spotify is less than that present on Apple music. When it comes to libraries Apple music is the winner.

Sound quality

We all love to get earphones and a sound box at a high price, just because of the sound quality that they deliver. If you are one of those who prefer high sound quality, then this comparison of the sound quality of Spotify and Apple Music is a must to read.

Apple Music tracks are of standard quality of 256 kbps AAC files. Whereas Spotify plays music or songs at three different sound qualities, 96kbps, 160 kbps, and 320 kbps.

But, if you wish to get the 320 kbps sound quality, you need to get the premium membership of Spotify. The streaming quality of music satisfies casual music listeners on both platforms.

There is a tie-in between these two platforms when it comes to the quality of sound for streaming music, songs, and more. But, if you have Apple AirPods, then Apple Music is more satisfactory than that Spotify music.

These are the different aspects on which we have compared these two music streaming platforms. You can choose one depending upon your need. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here below, we have answered some of the questions regarding this article. Read each of them one by one to know more about this article.

What is Apple music Spatial audio?

It was added on June 7, 2021. With the help of this feature, you can listen to surround sound as it provides a 3D audio experience.

If there is any Apple listening device such as Apple airport Max or an iPhone dual Pro then it will automatically play supported songs in the Dolby Atmos format. It is available absolutely for free at no additional cost to Apple Music subscribers. 

Can we download songs and music on iPod with Apple music?

No, the download function is not truly available on Apple music. It is not the same as purchasing the music but it can only be used with the Apple music account.

Can we add our song to Spotify?

Yes, we can add our songs to Spotify. In order to add your music from the desktop app, you need to go into the settings and then scroll to local files and then enable show local files. 

Can we add songs on Apple music?

Of course, we can add our songs to Apple music. To do so we need to add songs from our desktop or laptop by opening our audio files and then using the music app.

After you have synchronized with the library your files will be available on all other devices on which you have to install Apple music.

These are the different question that has been raised by people about Spotify and Apple music.

Last words

In this article, we learn about music streaming platforms, Spotify, and Apple music. Then we go to know what Spotify and Apple Music are, separately.

After that, we compared both of them one by one. Then, we have seen some of the questions regarding this article. If you have any questions or queries related to this article, do let us know in the comments.

We will answer your questions as soon as possible. Thank you for reading this article.

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