Spotify Vs Amazon Music: Which Is Better In September 2022

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Spotify Vs Amazon Music: Which Is Better In September 2022

Streaming online music is one of the best things that are available in 2022 to get entertained. Entertainment by music is what is available for all of us individually, with a lot of different genres.

As we know there are a lot of newborn artists to love to make their songs and music and want to publish it on different music streaming platforms.

The streaming platforms that we are going to talk about are Spotify and Amazon Music. Playing music at a party has become a lot easier because we can search for any songs on these streaming platforms and play them.

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As there are multiple options available, choosing one is tough a lot. Here in this article, we are going to see what Spotify and Amazon music is? After that, we will give a comparison between them. Let us get started.

What does streaming music mean?

Streaming means playing online. We all know that we can run videos on YouTube online. Similarly, we can stream music online on platforms like Spotify and Amazon music.

There were times when people used to download and play songs from the downloaded list. Now, it’s time to stream different music and songs, and not to listen to the same songs again and again just because of limited songs. Streaming music means playing music, and songs online. 

What is Spotify?

Spotify APK is a music streaming platform where we can stream not only music and songs but also listen to several podcasts online.

You can not only listen but also post your made songs and music on Spotify. It was launched in 2008, and since then it is now streaming in 190 plus countries. It has users over 450 million, of which there are 98 million active monthly users. The user interface of Spotify is very basic and user-friendly.

What is Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is also a music streaming platform where we can stream online music absolutely with ease. Amazon is a platform that we all know where we can buy things and also there are other plans of Amazon like Prime video where we stream online shows like movies and web series.

Similarly to that, when we take prime membership of Amazon, we get prime music of Amazon, where we can stream songs and music. 

Spotify vs Amazon Music: which one to pick?

spotify vs amazon music

Here below, we have given a comparison between Spotify and Amazon Music in different terms of aspects. Read each of them one by one carefully to understand more about these streaming platforms.

User interface

When it comes to using an application, the user interface plays one of the most important roles with new users. 

spotify user interface

The user interface of Spotify is very nice and basic even for new users. There are three buttons available at the bottom which are the home screen, search button, and library.

The home screen shows you your recent playlist, with other song suggestions recommended on your previous played songs.

The search button shows your recent search list, as well as a button on which you can type and search the song or podcast that you are looking for.

There is a settings button at the top right corner of the home screen from where you can view your profile and change your name and all.

amazon music interface

When we talk about the user interface of Amazon music then there is a home screen, with other three buttons at the bottom, which are found the button, library, and Alexa. Similar to Spotify, there is a settings button at the top right corner of Amazon Music.

There is a trending playlist on the home screen and there is your playlist as well. Different genres of music have been divided and given on the home screen of Amazon music. 

Subscription plan

Now, let us see and talk about the way by which we can get the subscription plan for these two streaming platforms. People take subscription plans to avoid the ads running in between their songs.

But, there are other benefits of a premium subscription plan as well. A subscription plan of a music streaming platform gives us an ad-free experience of music, high quality of sound, and reach to all the songs and podcasts on the platform. Let us see the subscription plan and features of each platform.

Spotify is a platform where we can listen to music, but there is a subscription plan as well. The monthly subscription plan for Spotify is 9.99 dollars and if you are a student, then you can get a fifty percent discount and get the membership at 4.99 dollars.

The yearly premium subscription plan for Spotify comes for 99.99 dollars, which saves about 18 dollars a year. There is also a family premium membership which costs 15.99 dollars, in which there can be 6 multiple users of Spotify.

While taking the premium membership of Spotify, you can enjoy the plan absolutely for free for one month.

Amazon music unlimited also costs 9.99 dollars per month, and the same goes for students, who can pay half the price to get the Amazon music membership.

If you are a member of Amazon prime, then the price goes down to 7.99 dollars per month and 79.99 dollars per year. Prime users get an ad-free music experience called Amazon prime music in this app. 

On the go-of subscription plan, Amazon is the winner, as even a prime member can get the ad-free experience of music.

Libraries of Amazon Music and Spotify.

Let us now see what the library is and what we get in it. Libraries mean the total list of songs as well as podcasts available on the streaming platform.

When we talk about the library of Spotify, then we have access to more than 75 million tracks, along with 3 million podcasts. If you are a singer or musician, you can put your song on Spotify.

They say that every day there are over 60,000 songs or podcasts, which get uploaded on Spotify every day.

Now, let us talk about the library of Amazon Music. There are over 95 million tracks available on Amazon Music. And there are over 2 million podcasts on Amazon Music. You can choose any one of them.

Sound quality

We do not get the maximum quality of sound on the free version of Amazon Music and Spotify. On both platforms, we get 5 different quality settings on the desktop as well as on the mobile application.

The audio quality for Spotify goes from low or data saver mode which takes 24 kbps, normal/standard 96 kbps, High 160 kbps, and very high 320 kbps.

But, on the other hand, Amazon Music goes 24-96 kbps low / data saver,  normal/standard 128-192 kbps. There is no in-between and Amazon music provides HD music at 850 kbps, and ultra-high HD at 3730 kbps.

Free membership to Spotify provides audio quality of up to 160 kbps, on the other hand, Amazon music provides 192 kbps. The premium membership of Spotify provides up to 320 kbps sound quality, while Amazon music provides 3730 kbps Ultra HD sound quality. 

Ease of use 

We know that both the platforms share similar dark theme background and have a good amount of functionality. Spotify web player and the desktop app have a stationary navigation bar. With the help of the Navigation bar, we can have quick access to our library, which is very helpful.

You can easily drag and drop any new songs to your playlist on both platforms. Amazon music interfaces are simple and easy to navigate.

There is a set of quick links available at the top of the screen which contains links to our home feed, library, and search bar. When we talk about mobile applications, both applications have a similar layout.

There is just an extra Alexa button in Amazon Music. The navigation bar includes home, search, and your library. So, when we talk about the ease of use, we get it on both the platforms Amazon music as well as Spotify. 

These are the different aspects on which we made a comparison between Spotify and Amazon Music.


Now let us see the pros and cons of each of the platforms that we have discussed in this article.

Pros Of Spotify:

  • The ability to listen to music and stream completely free.
  • A wide selection of original and best-known podcasts available only on Spotify.
  • We can customize playlists.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cool social features like sharing on Instagram and Facebook stories.
  • The feature of downloading podcasts and music, and listening to it offline for Premium users.
  • Free access to your entire library and unlimited music listening.

New music suggestions based on your history.

Spotify Cons:

  • Low sound quality than Amazon Music HD.
  • A large number of voice ads for the free subscribers.

Pros of Amazon Music:

  • The high audio quality of up to 3730kbps, especially in the premium version of Amazon Music.
  • Three-month free trial period.
  • Compatible with iOS, Mac, Android, and a web browser app.
  • Works great with Amazon apps, such as Amazon Echo.
  • Ability to download and listen to music offline.
  • Availability of HD and Ultra HD audio quality.

Amazon music cons:

Some of the biggest cons of Amazon Music are:

  • Only available in particular countries.
  • Not user-friendly interface.
  • No live radio streams on Amazon Music.
  • Limited access to songs for free subscribers – only 2 million out of 90 million.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Here below, we have given different questions that have been raised by people around the world. Each question has been answered one by one.

Can we get free membership to Spotify?

Yes, we can get free premium membership of Spotify. But, the period for Spotify’s free premium membership is one month. After that, you need to pay to get the premium membership.

How many days can we use Amazon Music for free?

While taking the premium membership of Amazon music, you can get a free trial of up to three months. This is three times that of Spotify’s free premium membership plan.

Can we add our song to the Spotify app?

Yes, we can add songs to the Spotify app. To do that, we need to add our music from the desktop app by going into the settings and then scrolling to local files, and then enabling show local files from the computer.

Can we download songs and listen offline?

Yes, we can download songs and listen to them offline. But, for that, we need to take the premium membership of Amazon Music as well as Spotify.

How does Amazon prime help us to get Amazon music?

Well, Amazon does give us a plan called prime. The people who take this are called prime members. After taking prime membership, you are eligible to get the parcels fast, get the videos on prime video absolutely for free.

Also, you can listen to songs on Amazon Music absolutely for free. But, you do not get the full plan of Amazon Music, for that you need to pay 7.99 dollars more and enjoy all the features of Amazon music.

What are the release dates of Amazon Music and Spotify?

Amazon Music was released on 25th September 2007 for all the platforms. Spotify was launched on 14th July 2008 in the United States. Amazon Music was released in the United States for all the platforms as well.

These other different questions have been the people about Amazon Music and Spotify.  

Last words

In this article, we talked about Amazon Music as well as Spotify. We also talked about what music streaming means. Then we have seen the comparison between the two of them in different aspects.

After that, we have seen the pros as well as cons of each of them. Then, we have answered some of the questions regarding this article.

If you do have any questions or queries related to this article, do let us know in the comments section. We will answer as soon as possible. Now, as you have read this article, do let us know how was it in the comments section.

Thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day.

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