10+ Best Spotify Alternatives in September 2022 [You Can Try Now]

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10+ Best Spotify Alternatives in September 2022 [You Can Try Now]

Being the go-to platform for music lovers around the world to receive recommendations presents hurdles for Spotify.

There are many new streaming services emerging, therefore Spotify losing market share just doesn’t seem right.

As a result, its growth in 2021 will be less rapid than it was initially.

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Despite this, there are still a lot of followers that show they are devoted clients of the business. Your music requirements in 2022 go beyond what Spotify can provide.

Looking for a fantastic Spotify substitute? Look nowhere else! Here are 10 of the top free and inexpensive Spotify alternatives. The top Spotify substitutes are provided below.

Top 10 Best Spotify Alternatives

Best Spotify Alternative

Spotify is a great music streaming service, but what if you’re looking for something different? Check out our list of the top 10 best Spotify alternatives.

From paid services to radio stations, there’s sure to be an option that’s perfect for you.

Youtube Music

YouTube Music

In 2022, YouTube Music is the greatest Spotify substitute. A huge selection of songs, albums, and artists from every age and genre are available on the music streaming service.

Although YouTube Music has a sizable song selection, Spotify provides more features. For instance, on YouTube Music, there are no tracks that may be played in shuffle mode.

However, YouTube Music is a terrific option if you want to listen to your favorite music without having to pay for an expensive subscription service.


  1. Quickly find new music using genre playlists and recommendations
  2. The capacity to follow musicians
  3. Play music offline.


  1. Playlists lack Spotify’s user-friendliness.

Apple Music

Apple Music

It’s no coincidence that Apple Music has the most paying members out of all the Spotify rivals. Apple is in a great position to compete with Spotify in the future as the creator of the iPod and the first firm to democratize audio delivery.

The first difference is that Apple Music has millions more tunes in its catalog than Spotify does, and the company has optimized the entire streaming experience by adding lossless audio support for better sound quality.

You can use Siri’s voice commands to play tracks on the app if you have an iOS mobile device. Additionally, every membership includes a free 90-day trial period by default. Of course, Apple Music functions flawlessly on any Mac, iPad, or iPhone.


  1. 36 million or more tracks
  2. You can make your own playlists.
  3. Referral Initiative


  1. low quality
  2. Pay for premium services

Amazon Music

amazon music

The most widely used music streaming platform worldwide is called Spotify. However, the free tier of Spotify is often insufficient for users.

For instance, Spotify’s monthly subscription plans are insufficient if you want to listen to your favorite music on the go or share your favorite songs with your friends and family.

For those who desire more music alternatives, Amazon Music Unlimited is an excellent substitute. Additionally, Amazon Prime subscribers have access to tens of millions of music via streaming and playback via the Amazon Music app on any device.


  1. Has a free tier with advertisements
  2. has a vast range of musical works
  3. regulates streaming quality


  1. greater price compared to other streaming music providers



A music streaming software called JioSaavn allows users to access millions of tracks. It offers a wide variety of musical styles, including music from other countries and from India.

The top Spotify substitute for 2022 is this. JioSaavn also offers its users a fantastic musical experience. Without having to worry about bandwidth limitations, you may listen to your favorite songs in the highest quality.


  1. Consumer-friendly pricing structure with monthly fees of just 49 rupees
  2. the most widely used streaming service in India


  1. Below-poor audio quality



You may listen to the songs and albums you love using the Gaana music streaming app. Both the iOS and the Android operating systems support it.

The tracks are available for offline listening or for listening in their original format. Additionally, you can make playlists and distribute them with your pals.

It does not, however, provide you the choice to finish your playlists by submitting them to Spotify or iTunes.


  1. Trial of 10 million tunes
  2. Free of viruses and advertisements


  1. Some nations do not offer it.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts

A Spotify option is Pocket Casts. You can download and listen to the tracks you desire with the aid of this software. You can also download songs to your phone using it.

Additionally, it contains features for making playlists and for sharing playlists with friends. A wonderful Spotify substitute is Pocket Casts.


  1. Download music without charge
  2. making playlists
  3. Playlists can be shared with friends.


  1. No support for iOS



There are 73 million songs in Deezer’s catalog. Additionally, the program provides radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks. Its algorithmically generated playlists resemble those of Spotify.

Since Deezer is accessible in 180 countries, discovering it shouldn’t be an issue for most individuals. The premium subscriptions, which start at $99/year, include offline playback and 320kbps streaming.


  1. 76,000,000 songs
  2. 100 million songs are available.
  3. Radio stations, audiobooks, and podcasts
  4. Playlists drove by algorithms resembling those employed by Spotify


  1. contain adverts



If you’re looking for an audiophile-friendly Spotify substitute, you should give this a shot. Users of Tidal HiFi Plus are able to stream in Master Quality at an incredible 9216kbps thanks to MQA.

For one of my friends who is also a music producer, Tidal’s HiFi Plus plan makes a huge difference in the audio quality. Plans for Tidal HiFi start at $9.99 per month. Plans for Tidal HiFi Plus cost $19.99 per month.


  1. 100,000+ tracks of HiFi Plus platform-exclusive music


  1. a little pricey



One of the top Spotify alternatives in 2022 is SoundCloud. You may stream and download a huge selection of music on SoundCloud.

Additionally, it provides a tonne of services like social networking, phone chat, and live streaming. The coolest part is that SoundCloud allows you to upload your own music and get paid for it.


  1. large music collection
  2. Social networking, streaming, and voice chat
  3. Uploading your own music is simple


  1. The least effective music streaming app



On the music marketplace known as Bandcamp, you may buy and sell your songs. You can share your music with the world, promote them, and upload them.

Additionally, you can work on projects with other artists. In many aspects, Bandcamp and Spotify are extremely similar, although Bandcamp has more features for both artists and fans.


  1. Easy music uploading
  2. excellent music
  3. assistance with pre-orders
  4. possess a website


  1. There are already many artists there.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Spotify vs. Youtube Music

You can stream music indefinitely using YouTube Music. You can find new musical genres and artists. The tracks are also available for download.

You can listen to songs indefinitely on Spotify. With it, you may find new musicians and songs. Songs can be downloaded as well. Here you can ready about Spotify vs Youtube music

2. Apple Music vs. Spotify

The extensive library of Apple Music is instantly streamable on your smartphone without interruption or buffering. On the other side,

Spotify features a wide selection of music and albums that you may quickly and buffer-free stream. Apple Music is one of the two with an ad-free option.

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3. Comparison of Spotify vs Amazon Music

You can listen to millions of music on Amazon Music. Additionally, it provides a range of capabilities, including voice control, access to Amazon Prime Music, and Amazon Prime Video.

Spotify is a music streaming service that requires a membership to use. Other features like Spotify Connect and Spotify Premium are also accessible.

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4. Spotify vs. JioSaavn

Reliance Jio introduced the music streaming service JioSaavn in March 2017. The features it provides make streaming music simpler.

Users of Spotify, an online music streaming service, can access millions of songs from a sizable song library.

5. Spotify vs Pocket Casts

You can listen to whatever genre of music you desire with Spotify. It is also available for offline listening via download. It lacks playlists, offline listening, and advertising.

However, you can listen to podcasts on your smartphone with Pocket Casts. You can download podcast episodes to your phone to listen to them while you’re not connected.

6. Spotify vs. Deezer

Popular streaming services include Deezer and Spotify. They have significant user base. What Deezer and Spotify offer is different.

Deezer’s UI is less user-friendly than that of Spotify. Support is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web. They can even run your TV.

7. SoundCloud vs. Spotify

On SoundCloud, music can be shared. Users can upload and share songs with it. On Spotify, users are free to listen to whatever song or playlist they want, whenever they want.

Although the two services are comparable, there are some variances as well. Spotify and SoundCloud differ significantly in one important way: SoundCloud doesn’t have advertising.

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8. Spotify vs. Bandcamp

They are both streaming music providers. The key distinction between the two is that Bandcamp permits the upload of your own music, whilst Spotify does not.

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