YouTube Music vs. Spotify: Which Music Service Is Best for You In December 2022

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YouTube Music vs. Spotify: Which Music Service Is Best for You In December 2022

In the age of apps and platform subscriptions, there are two that stand out above the rest among those who choose to listen to music or podcasts. What are the main differences between Spotify and YouTube Premium?

It is true that Spotify seems to be the application par excellence when it comes to consuming podcasts or music without having to tune into the radio.

There are fewer and fewer cell phone models that come with applications to listen to the radio, whose format began to turn to the transmission through streaming and video on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

But YouTube is not just video and also has a subscription plan for those who choose to listen to music at all times.


There is nothing more annoying than advertising that interferes in the middle of playing an album by The Beatles or the band of your choice.

This happens both for those who listen to music through Spotify and YouTube and do not do so with a paid account.

But here the first point in favor of YouTube stands out: a plugin as simple as the AdBlock is enough so that the hours of content played are never interrupted by a commercial, something that in Spotify usually happens every half hour, most of the time. to suggest that you contact the premium plan.

Which of the two is the better option? This is not a simple question and can vary according to the demands of each user.

In this case, it is important to compare some of the main functions presented by each one, such as the catalog, offered plans, and functionalities, among other aspects. SpotifyCrunch surveyed these categories, check them out below!

YT Music Pricing

YouTube Music is a subscription-based app. The free version of YouTube Music is available, but only as a one-month trial. To download online videos, listen to music without ads, download videos for offline playback, and play songs in the background, you need to purchase a Premium version of YouTube Music, which costs $9.99 per month. With this package, you can also choose to listen to music only or show the song clip (if available).

YT Music, like Spotify, offers a family subscription for $14.99 per month, and the plan can be used by up to six usersThere is also a student premium, which costs $4.99. The really interesting thing is the plan that provides access to both YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

By paying just $2 a month more, users can access all the features of YouTube Music Premium and play YouTube videos without ads. This subscription costs $11.99 per month ($17.99 per month for families and $6.99 per month for students).


Spotify Prices (Updated)

Compared to YouTube Music, Spotify has more ads and interruptions in the free version. The number of times you can skip tracks is also limited and you can only listen to the selected tracks in the Spotify playlist. However, unlike YouTube Music, you can use the app in the background.

To avail of all the features of Spotify, you need to pay $9.99.

It allows you to listen to the title of your choice without ads, and you can listen to it multiple times. Spotify Premium also provides access to offline mode (song download) and the highest sound quality.

The Swedish company recently created a Duo Premium formula for $12.99 per month. This subscription is designed for couples and allows you to have two premium accounts if you live in the same household. Spotify also has a family discount that costs $14.99 per month for 6 people. 

The interface of YouTube and Spotify

In this category, the two apps have many similarities. In the interface, the biggest difference is in the presence of videos on YouTube Music, highlighting clips and sessions.

When playing the songs in the catalog, there are similar commands: on both platforms, it is possible to add songs to a playlist, view lyrics, and save to the library, among other options.

Subscribers to both services receive content tailored to their musical preferences. Spotify presents the “Daily Mix”, a daily set of radios aimed at each user, the “Discoveries of the Week” a playlist with new recommendations, and the news radar, a playlist bringing together releases from artists heard.

YouTube Music also provides playlists with discoveries and releases, in addition to “Your Mix”, a personalized radio. An interesting feature of the platform is the possibility of viewing related songs, in a format similar to the suggestions in the search for videos.

Spotify vs YouTube Music: Sound Quality

If the comparison involves two music streams, the audio quality is one of the most important factors in the discussion. On both platforms, premium subscription accounts receive access to better sound quality.

Spotify vs YouTube Music: Sound QualitySpotify vs YouTube Music: Sound Quality

Subscribers to the free YouTube Music plan are not able to change the bitrate of songs, which are played in normal quality, at 128 kbps, in AAC format. In YouTube Music Premium, it is possible to reach 256 kbps.

Spotify, even on free plans, allows you to change the bitrate, with 96 kbps in normal mode and 160 kbps in high quality. However, Spotify Premium offers the option of even higher quality, reaching around 320kbps. In this way, in paid subscriptions, Spotify brings better audio quality.

Youtube Music Premium subscribers get 4 audio quality settings, while Spotify Premium subscribers get 5 levels. The following are the types of audio quality provided by each setting:


Spotify offers better sound quality on paid plans. Unless you’re a foodie, it should suffice. Although Spotify promises to provide Spotify HiFi CD-quality lossless audio, we may just wait for it to happen.

Spotify vs YouTube Music: Catalog

Spotify’s catalog brings together more than 50 million songs available, according to official information from the platform. YouTube Music does not disclose a count estimate, but it has a factor in its favor:

it includes all types of musical material present on the video platform, even with official materials or not. While some materials may not be present on Spotify by copyright, it is possible that they are found on YouTube.

The use of videos, by the way, is a great highlight of YouTube Music. You can browse the platform and find sessions, live performances, and other musical content. The user can play in the background and even choose to play only the audio, bringing more musical possibilities.

When it comes to podcasting, Spotify has a huge advantage. With an extensive collection of podcasts, including exclusive materials, the app consolidates itself as a platform that concentrates on different audio content.

The algorithm and searches on YouTube vs Spotify

There are also differences regarding their search engines and algorithms for discovering new music. On the Spotify side, it is necessary to write the genre,

song title, or band to start listening, both complete albums and playlists put together by other users, as well as trusting that the algorithm will play music similar to the one we initially chose. , in order to discover new bands.

The latter was something that happened with YouTube but it is no longer so common and the platform usually navigates between the same songs that we play the most times. To its credit, YouTube allows you to search for songs by lyrics or a simple description of your video.

Needless to say, the platform also has the advantage of being able to enjoy video clips of our favorite bands with practically all the songs that appear in the catalog.

Premium Features Of Spotify And Youtube Music

As we already know YouTube Music and Spotify, have a Premium version that is to say paid, here we will tell you some actions that you can perform in them that differ from the free versions.

Spotify Premium Features

With Spotify Premium you can perform the following actions:

  1. No more advertising in the videos, with Spotify Premium, forget about those annoying ads.
  2.  There are some songs that are not played in the free version. So if you subscribe to the Spotify Premium platform you will have unlimited access to any song without any restrictions.
  3. Another function of Spotify Premium is in terms of sound quality in the free version it offers only 96 kbps for mobile devices and 160 kbps for computers, now with Spotify Premium you will have a sound quality of 320 kbps regardless of the device you use.
  4. With Spotify Premium you can also download your favorite music and listen to it without an internet connection.

Youtube Music Features

As for YouTube Music the Premium version, we have the following:

  1.  If you subscribe to YouTube Music Prémium and forget about ads, you can listen to your favorite music without interruptions.
  2.  You will be able to continue listening to music on your phone while using other applications. The video will play in the background.
  3.  In YouTube Premium, we can find an option called ‘audio only mode’, with this option you can listen to your favorite music without the need for the video to be loaded
  4.  It also gives you the possibility to download your favorite music to be able to listen to it without an internet connection.
  5.  If you travel to another country and you are a YouTube Music Premium subscriber, you will still be able to access your music even if the platform is not available in that country. You can also enjoy your downloads for a month even if there is no internet connection.
  6.   Another action that you can perform with YouTube Music Prémium is that it allows you to listen to your downloaded music even if you are not connected to the internet. 

Advantages of YouTube Music 

All in one: YouTube Music not only gives you the possibility to listen to music but also to watch video clips, covers, live performances, or full concerts, even live. 

A wide variety of playlists: Like Spotify, YouTube Music also has its own playlists of any genre, including mood or activity ones.

An intelligent search engine: As it is a Google application, YouTube Music has the advantage of having an intelligent search engine that is expanding its opportunities every time. In this case, Google is implementing the option to make searches on YouTube Music more precise. In other words, if you don’t remember the title or the artist, you can search by the lyrics or simply “that pop song that talks about a beach”.

Auto Download – YouTube Music, like much of its competition, allows the option to download music for listening at any time.

Advantages of Spotify  

Simple and easy interface: If Spotify has always stood out for something, it’s because of the simplicity of its interface and how easy it is to navigate through it. Many users prefer it because it is a comfortable and simple application. 

The Weekly Discovery list uses a great algorithm: Spotify launches every Monday to its users a list of random music from Weekly Discovery that based on the listening habits of each user puts similar songs. The algorithm it uses for this reproduction is excellent and makes it stand out from its competitors.

Extensive Music Catalog – Spotify has an impressive catalog of over 30 million songs. In addition, more than 20,000 new songs are added every day.

Be that as it may, both Spotify and YouTube Music continue to grow day by day and have more and more active users. It should also be noted that this last quarter, the reports of most streaming channels have closed with record revenues both in terms of subscribers and listeners and views home from quarantine.

It is for this reason that distributing your music on streaming platforms will allow you to reach many more fans of your music and others who may know you.


Truth be told, it seems presumptuous to say that one app is better than another. Simply because we all have different preferences and determinants in streaming music.

We hope our breakdown of the features of these two apps highlights your most important content as a music listener. If you’ve already done this, but are still confused about which app to choose, don’t worry.

You can check out our full Spotify reviews and YouTube Music reviews to discuss its features in more depth.


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